21 Dukes Casino – This Casino Will Please You Each Day With Unbelievable Bonuses And Various Modern Games

Have you ever heard about such a casino? Did not hear? Then you missed a lot. This is an incredibly cozy place with its no less pleasant atmosphere. This casino dates back to 1999 and has something to offer to their players. 21dukes.com is immediately credible because its considerable age does not allow to doubt that a lot of experience has been gathered here, and therefore it can be trusted without a twinge of conscience.

Despite the fact that the casino has vast experience and is completely back on its feet in the gaming industry, many people can say that it is quite old, and therefore is of little interest to modern people. Well, we have a retaliatory backlash.

Most people do not know, but even before the advent of our era, thousands of years before the appearance of our grandparents, hype guys and other personalities, there in China have already played in a casino, but it did not acquire its name right away. Archaeologists even find dice, which could also signal about magical rituals and fortune-telling, but does not exclude the fact that they were later used for games. Nevertheless, the first gambling establishment is a casino, which was opened in 1638 in Venice. Who would have thought? Neither Las Vegas, nor Canada, but Venice. Let’s go back to the name, the term ‘casino’ was formed from the Italian word ‘casa’ which means ‘home’, and the term ‘casino’ itself is translated as a small house. All this can be explained by the fact that while there were no real legal casinos in the world, people were going to play in private houses, which can be seen in some films about the mafia, for example.

What about 21 Dukes Casino it is like a cozy and so familiar house, where it has its pleasant atmosphere and many, many games for every taste. You don’t need Las Vegas and noisy casinos with raging customers when there is such a nice place like Casino 21Dukes.

This is not a trash casino that only pumps money from their gullible players. This casino is like a breath of fresh air near the sea. Despite the experience, 21 Dukes Casino follows the trends and does not lag behind the new products. Here, lovers of something new, fresh and interesting can please themselves, but also fans of the good old games of the 90s can find here something they like.

Usability and details

This casino was simply created for the purpose so that any player would feel at ease and very comfortable. First but not least, the feature of this institution is that you do not need to bother yourself and download software in order to play on the computer. Everything is simpler here; you can freely play on the casino site itself.

It is needless to say about usability because as soon as you go to the site, everything will become clear from the very threshold. You can start with the very conveniently located menu buttons. There is no need to swipe through the site in search of an extended menu, everything is in sight. 21Dukes Casino has eight main sections and five additional. The home button returns you to the start page where you can find a list of all games by category, various nice deposits; tap login button if you are already a player and join now if you are still not registered. You can also find the slots button on the left, which will throw you into the world of games. We have not seen such a number of games anywhere, eyes are already scattering, believe me. The cool thing is sorting, whether you want to play games recommended by users, or you have a favorite provider, or maybe you just want new products or super top games – all this you can configure by clicking sort by in the upper right corner.

The casino will not be a casino if it does not have a live casino section. Do you remember what we said? You do not have to go to the noisy Las Vegas to feel the atmosphere of a casino.

Make sure by playing in a live casino, live croupiers are waiting for your bet, only the best of the best. Eight croupiers, four varieties of roulette and the 5 forms of one of the coolest games – baccarat – are brought to your attention. You just have to go in and make a choice. The classic slot category will plunge you into the good old casino games delivered straight from Las Vegas. Feel like a participant in a movie ‘Once in Vegas’ when the actors hit the jackpot. This is an unforgettable feeling; sure, you are lucky enough to experience it. Board games that are so pleasant to the heart and so well known to us are in this casino too. Video poker is not a new, but such a cool thing; do not miss the opportunity to play. In addition to the main sections, here you can find races, this is a novelty, and it’s nice, but we won’t reveal all the secrets, come in, test it by yourself. Well, at the end of the list you can find promotions. This is the store of all the bonuses and free spins.


You can talk about games forever, but about games at 21Dukes Casino just endlessly. Virtual casino has a huge number of slots. The player is presented with more than 50 of the most diverse games for every taste and color. Here you will not find hacky games, this is not an institution for one night, here is everything honestly and fairly. Each category of games on this site is of remarkable quality, as well as a high percentage of payments.

The game line here, unlike other casinos, is much wider. For example, in addition to standard categories such as Slots, Live Casino and Table games there are also presented Classic slot, Video Poker, and Races. Let us dwell on each category and consider more detail.

Every casino has only two types of slot machines, that is, classic slots and video slots. According to statistics, most people are attracted to classic ones because they like this nostalgic state and ease of use. Video slots, in turn, are full of bright, unusual and non-standard functions and design. Modern games for modern people. Video slots are good and bright entertainment, but if you are tired or want something more “native” and calm, then classic slots are exclusively for you.

What is a classic slot? These are classic slots with three-reel. So to speak, a tribute to slot machines at the very dawn of its existence. Common themes are fruit symbols and a retro atmosphere. What could be easier than just pulling the lever and waiting for that cherished combination? In order not to go far, to gather companies in private houses as before or sit in a noisy environment in a casino in your city, were created such beloved online formats.

Customer care is top-notch here, therefore the developers created sorting by slots. In the recommended, there are slots, which are not only popular among gamers but are also bright new products on the site. In the provider section, you will see a list of providers that supply games to the casino and a list of all its games. This casino has gathered the four best providers with the coolest slots. If you are a fan of perfectionism, then you will like sorting alphabetically, all on the shelves and you can easily search for what you like. Top games will show you the most popular games on this site, for example, exciting Monkey madness, Fire 88, 888 Dragons, Fandangos and more than 20 exciting slots. By the way, if you are a pizza fan, then you will be happy to see a slot called Crazy Pizza, we are sure you will like it. Sorting by new games will lead you to the freshest slots, for example, cool new ones have appeared now: Triple jokers, Diamond progressive, Wild Sevens. They will not leave indifferent any person who visited the site.

If it so happened that you did not find your favorite game – for such cases there is a “search” function on the casino website. It is on the page of each category of games.

As for video slots, this is the most popular type of games at the moment in all casinos. This category is so diverse that anyone can find a topic they like. Unlike classic slots, where you can find three reels, in video slots, there are often 5 reels and several hundred pay lines. What can we say about the design and graphics of this type of slots, they are here at the highest level and will not let even the most skeptical personalities get bored.

Still not convinced enough that this casino is one of the best? We still have something to tell you. 21dukes.com offers you to play in different video slots for free.

How to start

Registering on the casino is a very simple procedure that does not take much time. One important point is that only adult users have access to it. To create an account and be able to play for real money, you need to click the join now button in the upper right corner of the site. After that, a special form will open that will not take you more than 2 minutes. It is necessary to indicate your name and surname (optional), invent and enter a username that will be used as a player nickname in the casino, your current address at the moment, in order to receive all important notifications and, in case you forget password, it will be possible to recover it by email. So, if you wanted to indicate the email of a friend or grandmother – it will not work. Do not worry, all your data is safe and sound and will never be disclosed or transferred to third parties. Next, you need to come up with a strong password, enter a mobile phone number and, most importantly, the currency of your country; American dollar for America, euro for European countries, Canadian dollar for Canada and so on. By the way, as many as 8 currencies are available, this is a very good indicator, as other casinos work only with a limited list of currencies. After you have entered all your data, it is worth checking again for accuracy; then press the big green button to sign me up. Congratulations, you are wonderful! A now you are a happy new player of 21 Dukes Casino.

Bonuses and Spins

This casino is famous not only for a large number of slots and video games but also for very generous bonuses. Thus, after registration, you certainly get an awesome cool no deposit bonus of 200% on your first deposit. However, that is not all, being a very generous and caring casino, they introduced not only a first deposit bonus but on the next four too! All to make players comfortable and doubly pleasant to play, because nothing motivates as bonuses and big winnings. Therefore, the second bonus will be 100% for the second deposit, the third and fourths are also 100% each, and the fifth as much as 175%.

How could we forget about free spins? We forgot to tell about them, but 21 dukes did not forget to bring them to you. Stunning news, get ready for the flow of generosity from the casino, after registration, each player will receive 25 free spins! In addition, of course, do not forget about the 200% no deposit bonus!

It is also worth noting that in some casinos such a feature as bonus code and promo codes was noticed, but having looked at the reviews for this casino and having read all the casinos from head to toe, the bonus code on this site was not found, but this is not a bad feature, on the contrary, having so many bonuses every week, you don’t even think about the bonus code.

Not sure how to get a welcome package? Now we explain, everything is extremely simple. You need to register on the casino website according to our instructions, which are described above, replenish your account on the site and you are done! You are gorgeous! If you still have some questions, you can safely go to the promotions section where everything is very detailed.

Does your joy doesn’t stop? And rightly so, because the bonuses do not end there. In addition to the bonus, you have the opportunity to get about 10 more bonuses! For example, weekly VIP, this is a wonderful opportunity to compete for very big prizes. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday you can join one of the games listed on the site and win big prizes. Regular players are offered various bonuses on deposits, bonuses for depositing money using the recommended methods, special promotions for high rollers, a cashback and a loyalty program with points for bets. To motivate you to great achievements, let’s say a few words about winning. A player who takes third place will receive 750 euros, a person in second place will receive 1000 euros, and the winner will grab as much as 2500 euros. There is also a fourth and fifth place, which will receive respectively 500 and 250 euros. Do not waste time, make yourself a winner. Stay tuned for updates on the site in the promotions section and be always up to date with all the new products, there is always something interesting going on.


Have you been tormented by the question of whether it is possible to play in this casino on the phone? We know that it is so. Therefore, we reveal to you the whole truth. This casino is very loyal to customers because it can allow players to play free games. Very convenient, because all the functionality is in full view. It is very generous since there are few such welcome and weekly bonuses. But at the same time, the casino is very careful, since any registered player has the opportunity to play on the way to work, to the university, when there is no stationary computer or if your dog has bitten the Internet cable. There is no need to download the application to the phone or software to the computer. Creators make sure that the developers made the appropriate resolution of the casino site for all devices, whether it is a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Therefore, instant play is now always available.

Support on Board

Round-the-clock support of players is their huge point of pride. Their support is like your parents – they will always tell you what to do, help, support unless they don’t give you a tea, and they are at your service, you just have to write. In short, the support service is always happy to see anyone. They work without days off and holidays, all for the convenience and comfort of favorite players. Questions can be asked online in live chat. But they also have an email for contacting emails. If you are a beginner and understand almost nothing, although this is unlikely, then the casino has an excellent section called faq, there are most of the answers to the questions that newcomers may have.


As mentioned earlier, when registering, the casino asks which currency would be more convenient for depositing and withdrawing money, that is, your national currency. To make a deposit, several different methods are available, such as the popular Visa and Mastercard, Webmoney, but also the less popular Skrill and Maestro and other systems from around the world.

Players should be aware that withdrawal requests will only be considered from Monday through Friday. Therefore, if you applied on Saturday and are worried that you didn’t receive the money on Sunday, you should relax. The casino will consider your application within 72 hours from the date of the request. But do not think that after 72 hours you will immediately receive your money, the casino should verify your identity, and also you may need your documents to confirm, but do not be afraid, because everything is legal. After all, serious money should not go to the wrong people. Nevertheless, after your request is approved, you will receive money in accordance with the selected payment system. Also, the site says that the maximum withdrawal per week will be no more than 4000 euros. The minimum deposit is 25 euros, and you can only apply for withdrawal with a hundred dollars. Promise, that you will never said it to anyone, we have a secret, each player will receive a 75 free welcome bonus.

Review of the view

Summarizing all the above, one could endlessly talk about the loyalty of this casino, about the generosity with which they give out bonuses, spare no interest and bonuses on regular players. After all, they understand how valuable and dear each client is to them and that it is very important to build a trusting and strong relationship with each one so that they have been successfully doing it for 19 years. Despite its considerable age, the casino is already, so to speak, an adult and has a lot of experience behind it, and therefore knows how to deal with people, this point gives them a huge plus.

This is a truly high-quality gaming portal with insanely cool slots, video games, and bonuses. Winnings are always honest and untouchable. Neither the developers nor even the creators can influence the course of the game or manipulate the winnings to anyone.

If we talk about the visual component of the site, it is important to note that this casino has a single minimalist style. The feature of the site is their huge banners with welcome bonuses, weekly bonuses, advertising of fresh games and popular accessible tournaments. The flashy logo and dark background do not make this casino gloomy, but rather very lively and bright, which raises the mood and helps to win large sums.

A huge plus can be considered that you do not need to load your computer or phone to download the application, you can start all the games just in the browser, no matter what device you have: mobile, tablet or computer. The site version is perfectly adapted for any Android or iOS mobile phone.

It is always upsetting if a casino site is banned in your country. But that is beside this casino, accessibility and convenience are one of the key features. Even residents of Canada and Australia can play and win.

This is a super caring casino, otherwise how to explain the fact that they have a section where they say that if you feel like you are sitting in the casino for days without noticing anyone around and it starts to harm both you and your health, they will close your account at any time. In order not to lose touch with reality, they have a section on the site where you can see how much money you spent for all the time. It is also very convenient that they have a time controller, that is, you can always see how much time you spent playing games so that addiction would not develop.

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